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Based in London, Colette is a portrait, documentary and fashion photographer. Colette has recently won an International Photography Award (IPA) for her self-portrait series and the Leica competition for LSC and has been commissioned for various artist’s album covers, including JONES EP 'Around'. Colette's photography has been published in both VOGUE Italia,  NOTION magazineTMRW MAG, Contibutor Magazinge and 1883 Magazine. She has also had a recent solo exhibition at Blaze Image and another with VICE at Photobook Cafe.

Colette offers an alternative viewpoint into the moments of everyday life, primarily using her old but gold 120mm Mamiya film camera. Her images are cinematic and dreamlike, yet grounded in reality. Colette’s devotion to film reflects the physicality and tangibility of her subjects which cut through today's flat screen based digital world. Colette continues to find film a magical process allowing her to slow down, along with everyone else involved in her shoots, and compose each scene to its maximum potential.

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